Meaning of BRAID in English

1. An essential part of many fiber-optic cable designs, consisting of a layer of woven yarn. Note: In the case of single-fiber loose-buffered or two-fiber " zip-cord " loose-buffered fiber-optic cables, the braid is situated between the buffer tube and jacket. In the case of cables having multiple buffer tubes, the braid is usually situated between the inner jacket and outer jacket. 2 . Loosely, an unwoven parallel bundle of yarn situated around the tight buffer of a single-fiber or two-fiber "zip-cord" fiber-optic cable. Note 1: The braid serves to add tensile strength to the cable. The braid may also be anchored to an optical connector or splice organizer assembly to secure the end of the cable. Note 2: The braid is often of an aramid yarn . [After FAA ]

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