Meaning of CHEER in English

[cheer] n [ME chere face, cheer, fr. OF, face, fr. ML cara, prob. fr. Gk kara head, face--more at cerebral] (13c) 1 a obs: face b archaic: facial expression

2: state of mind or heart: spirit "be of good ~ --Mt 9:2(AV)"

3: lightness of mind and feeling: animation, gaiety

4: hospitable entertainment: welcome

5: food and drink for a feast: fare

6: something that gladdens "words of ~" 7: a shout of applause or encouragement

[2]cheer vt (14c) 1 a: to instill with hope or courage: comfort--usu. used with up b: to make glad or happy--usu. used with up

2: to urge on or encourage esp. by shouts "~ed the team on"

3: to applaud with shouts ~ vi 1 obs: to be mentally or emotionally disposed

2: to grow or be cheerful: rejoice--usu. used with up

3: to utter a shout of applause or triumph -- n

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