Meaning of INITIAL in English

[ini.tial] adj [MF & L; MF, fr. L initialis, fr. initium beginning, fr. inire to go into, fr. in- + ire to go--more at issue] (1526) 1: of or relating to the beginning: incipient

2: placed at the beginning: first -- adv -- ini.tial.ness n

[2]initial n (1627) 1 a: the first letter of a name b pl: the first letter of each word in a full name "found that their ~s were identical"

2: a large letter beginning a text or a division or paragraph

3: anlage, precursor; specif: a meristematic cell [3]initial vt ini.tialed or ini.tialled ; or ini.tial.ling (ca. 1864) 1: to affix an initial to

2: to authenticate or give preliminary approval to by affixing the initials of an authorizing representative

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