Meaning of INTERMEDIATE in English

[] adj [ML intermediatus, fr. L intermedius, fr. inter- + medius mid, middle--more at mid] (15c) 1: being or occurring at the middle place, stage, or degree or between extremes

2: of or relating to an intermediate school "an ~ curriculum" -- adv -- n

[2]intermediate n (1650) 1: one that is intermediate

2: mediator, go-between 3 a: a chemical compound synthesized from simpler compounds and usu. intended to be used in later syntheses of more complex products b: a usu. short-lived chemical species formed in a reaction as an intermediate step between the starting material and the final product

4: an automobile larger than a compact but smaller than a full-sized automobile [3] vi [ML intermediatus, pp. of intermediare, fr. L inter- + LL mediare to mediate] (1610) 1: intervene, interpose

2: to act as an intermediate

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