Meaning of INTERMEDIATE in English

I. ˌintə(r)ˈmēdēˌāt, usu -ād.+V intransitive verb

Etymology: Medieval Latin intermediatus, past participle of intermediare, from Latin inter- + Late Latin mediare to mediate — more at mediate

1. : to come between : intervene , interpose

2. : to act as intermediate agent : mediate

II. |intə(r)|mēdēə̇t, chiefly Brit -mējə̇- or -mēdyə̇-; usu -ə̇d.+V adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin intermediatus, from Latin intermedius intermediate (from inter- + medius mid, middle) + -atus -ate — more at mid

1. : lying or being in the middle place or degree : between extremes or limits : coming or done in between : intervening

intermediate hue

intermediate credit

intermediate stage of growth

intermediate stops on a journey

intermediate sizes


a. : of or relating to the period between primary and secondary education usually comprising the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades

b. : of or relating to the stage between the introductory and advanced stages of a course of study or training

intermediate French

intermediate piano pupil

c. : taken during the first year after matriculation at a British university other than Oxford or Cambridge

intermediate examination

an intermediate course

— compare previous examination , responsion 2b

III. noun

( -s )

1. : something intermediate : a term, member, class, or quality between others of a series

2. : one that acts between others : mediator , intermediary

3. : an intermediate biological type or form

4. : a chemical compound formed as an intermediate step between the starting material and the final product (as a dye intermediate)


a. : a wool-carding machine that comes between the breaker and the finisher

b. : a machine in cotton manufacture placed between the slubbing billy and the roving frame


a. : idler wheel

b. : the second speed in a vehicle having three forward speeds

IV. preposition

: in the time intervening between — used in law

waste committed intermediate the sale and the period when the right to redeem expired — T.M.Cooley

V. noun

1. : an automobile larger than a compact but smaller than a full-sized automobile

2. : a chemical compound synthesized from simpler compounds and usually intended to be used in later syntheses of more complex products

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