Meaning of ODD in English


[odd] adj [ME odde, fr. ON oddi point of land, triangle, odd number; akin to OE ord point of a weapon] (14c) 1 a: being without a corresponding mate "an ~ shoe" b (1): left over after others are paired or grouped (2): separated from a set or series

2. a: somewhat more than the indicated approximate quantity, extent, or degree--usu. used in combination "300-odd pages" b (1): left over as a remainder "had a few ~ dollars for entertainment after paying his bills" (2): constituting a small amount "had some ~ change in her pocket" 3 a: being one of the sequence of natural numbers beginning with one and counting by twos that are not divisible by two b: marked by an odd number of units c: being a function such that f (-x) equals -f(x) where the sign is reversed but the absolute value remains the same if the sign of the independent variable is reversed

4. a: not regular, expected, or planned "worked at ~ jobs" b: encountered or experienced from time to time: occasional

5: having an out-of-the-way location: remote

6: differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted: peculiar syn see strange -- odd.ness n

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