Meaning of ODD in English


adj. 1 strange, peculiar, unusual, uncommon, different, unexpected, unfamiliar, extraordinary, remarkable, atypical, untypical, exotic, out of the ordinary, unparalleled, unconventional, exceptional, unique, singular, individual, anomalous, idiosyncratic, rare, deviant, outlandish, uncanny, queer, curious, bizarre, weird, eccentric, funny, quaint, fantastic, freak, abnormal, freakish, Colloq offbeat, screwy, kinky, freaky, Slang Brit barmy, bent, rum, US and Canadian kooky or kookie Ebenezer is an odd name for a dog Where did you get that odd hat? I cannot account for his odd behaviour. 2 occasional, casual, part-time, irregular, random, sporadic, discontinuous, disconnected, various, varied, miscellaneous, sundry, incidental After being made redundant, he worked at odd jobs for a year or so The odd shower can be expected during the afternoon. 3 leftover, surplus, remaining, unused, spare, superfluous, extra After the patterns were cut, we were allowed to take the odd scraps of fabric 4 uneven, unmatched, unpaired This gallery has an odd number of columns

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