Meaning of POWDER in English


[pow.der] vb pow.dered ; vt (13c) 1: to sprinkle or cover with or as if with powder

2: to reduce or convert to powder

3: to hit (as a ball) very hard ~ vi 1: to become powder

2: to apply cosmetic powder -- n

[2]powder n, often attrib [ME poudre, fr. OF, fr. L pulver-, pulvis dust; prob. akin to Skt palava chaff] (14c) 1: matter in a finely divided state: particulate matter

2. a: a preparation in the form of fine particles esp. for medicinal or cosmetic use b: fine dry light snow

3: any of various solid explosives used chiefly in gunnery and blasting -- pow.der.less adj -- adj

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