Meaning of PROPER in English

[] adj [ME propre proper, own, fr. MF, fr. L proprius own] (14c) 1 a: referring to one individual only b: belonging to one: own c: appointed for the liturgy of a particular day d: represented heraldically in natural color

2: belonging characteristically to a species or individual: peculiar 3 chiefly dial: good-looking, handsome

4: very good: excellent

5. chiefly Brit: utter, absolute

6: strictly limited to a specified thing, place, or idea "the city ~"

7. a: strictly accurate: correct b archaic: virtuous, respectable c: strictly decorous: genteel 8: marked by suitability, rightness, or appropriateness: fit 9: being a mathematical subset (as a subgroup) that does not contain all the elements of the inclusive set from which it is derived syn see fit -- adv -- n

[2]proper n (15c) 1: the parts of the Mass that vary according to the liturgical calendar

2: the part of a missal or breviary containing the proper of the Mass and the offices proper to the holy days of the liturgical year [3]proper adv (15c) chiefly dial: in a thorough manner: completely

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