Meaning of ROCK in English


[rock] vb [ME rokken, fr. OE roccian; akin to OHG rucken to cause to move] vt (12c) 1 a: to move back and forth in or as if in a cradle b: to wash (placer gravel) in a cradle

2. a: to cause to sway back and forth "a boat ~ed by the waves" b (1): to cause to shake violently (2): to daze with or as if with a vigorous blow "a hard right ~ed the contender" (3): to astonish or disturb greatly "the scandal ~ed the community" ~ vi 1: to become moved backward and forward under often violent impact; also: to move gently back and forth

2: to move forward at a steady pace; also: to move forward at a high speed "the train ~ed through the countryside"

3: to sing, dance to, or play rock music syn see shake -- rock the boat : to do something that disturbs the equilibrium of a situation

[2]rock n, often attrib (1823) 1: a rocking movement

2: popular music usu. played on electronically amplified instruments and characterized by a persistent heavily accented beat, much repetition of simple phrases, and often country, folk, and blues elements [3]rock n [ME roc, fr. MD rocke; akin to OHG rocko distaff] (14c) 1: distaff

2: the wool or flax on a distaff [4]rock n [ME rokke, fr. ONF roque, fr. (assumed) VL rocca] (14c) 1: a large mass of stone forming a cliff, promontory, or peak

2: a concreted mass of stony material; also: broken pieces of such masses

3: consolidated or unconsolidated solid mineral matter; also: a particular mass of it

4. a: something like a rock in firmness: (1): foundation, support (2): refuge "a ~ of independent thought ... in an ocean of parochialism --Thomas Molnar" b: something that threatens or causes disaster--often used in pl.

5. a: a flavored stick candy with color running through b: rock candy 1

6. slang a: gem b: diamond

7. a: a small crystallized mass of crack cocaine b: crack

9. -- rock adj -- adj -- between a rock and a hard place also between the rock and the hard place : in a difficult or uncomfortable position with no attractive way out -- on the rocks 1: in or into a state of destruction or wreckage "their marriage went on the rocks"

2: on ice cubes "bourbon on the rocks"

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