Meaning of SHIELD in English


[shield] n [ME sheld, fr. OE scield; akin to OHG scilt shield and prob. to OE sciell shell] (bef. 12c) 1: a broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm

2: one that protects or defends: defense

3: dress shield

4. a: a device or part that serves as a protective cover or barrier b: a protective structure (as a carapace, scale, or plate) of some animals

5: escutcheon; esp: one that is wide at the top and rounds to a point at the bottom

6: the Precambrian nuclear mass of a continent that is surrounded and sometimes covered by sedimentary rocks 7: something resembling a shield: as a: apothecium b: a police officer's badge c: a decorative or identifying emblem

[2]shield vt (bef. 12c) 1 a: to protect with or as if with a shield: provide with a protective cover or shelter b: to cut off from observation: hide

2. obs: forbid syn see defend -- n

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