Meaning of SHORE in English

[shore] n, often attrib [ME, fr. (assumed) OE scor; akin to MLG schor foreland and perh. to OE scieran to cut--more at shear] (14c) 1: the land bordering a usu. large body of water; specif: coast

2: a boundary or the country or place that it bounds "hold him accountable for difficulties beyond our ~s that he could do nothing about --Dorothy Fosdick"

3: land as distinguished from the sea "shipboard and ~ duty"

[2]shore vt shored ; [ME; akin to ON skortha to prop] (14c) 1: to support by a shore: prop

2: to give support to: brace--usu. used with up [3]shore n (14c): a prop for preventing sinking or sagging

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