Meaning of SHORE in English


1. n.1 the land that adjoins the sea or a large body of water.

2 (usu. in pl.) a country; a sea-coast (often visits these shores; on a distant shore).

3 Law land between ordinary high and low water marks.

Phrases and idioms:

in shore on the water near or nearer to the shore (cf. INSHORE). on shore ashore. shore-based operating from a base on shore. shore leave Naut.

1. permission to go ashore.

2 a period of time ashore.


shoreless adj. shoreward adj. & adv. shorewards adv.

Etymology: ME f. MDu., MLG schore, perh. f. the root of SHEAR 2. v. & n. (often foll. by up) support with or as if with a shore or shores; hold up.

--n. a prop or beam set obliquely against a ship, wall, tree, etc., as a support.


shoring n.

Etymology: ME f. MDu., MLG schore prop, of unkn. orig. 3.

see SHEAR.

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