Meaning of SUM in English

[sum] n [ME summe, fr. OF, fr. L summa, fr. fem. of summus highest; akin to L super over--more at over] (14c) 1: an indefinite or specified amount of money

2: the whole amount: aggregate

3: the utmost degree: summit "reached the ~ of human happiness"

4. a: a summary of the chief points or thoughts: summation "the ~ of this criticism follows --C. W. Hendel" b: gist "the ~ and substance of an argument"

5. a (1): the result of adding numbers "~ of

5. and

7. is 12" (2): the limit of the sum of the first n terms of an infinite series as n increases indefinitely b: numbers to be added; broadly: a problem in arithmetic c (1): disjunction

2. (2): union 2d -- n -- adj -- in sum : in short: briefly

[2]sum vb summed ; sum.ming vt (14c) 1: to calculate the sum of: total

2: summarize ~ vi: to reach a sum: amount

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