Meaning of SUPERIOR in English


[] adj [ME, fr. MF superieur, fr. L superior, compar. of superus upper, fr. super over, above--more at over] (14c) 1: situated higher up: upper

2: of higher rank, quality, or importance

3: courageously or serenely indifferent (as to something painful or disheartening)

4. a: greater in quantity or numbers "escaped by ~ speed" b: excellent of its kind: better "her ~ memory"

5: being a superscript

6. a of an animal structure: situated above or anterior or dorsal to another and esp. a corresponding part "a ~ artery" b of a plant structure: situated above or near the top of another part: as (1) of a calyx: attached to and apparently arising from the ovary (2) of an ovary: free from the calyx or other floral envelope 7: more comprehensive "a genus is ~ to a species" 8: affecting or assuming an air of superiority: supercilious -- adv

[2]superior n (15c) 1: one who is above another in rank, station, or office; esp: the head of a religious house or order

2: one that surpasses another in quality or merit

3: superscript

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