Meaning of TARGET in English

[tar.get] n, often attrib [ME, fr. MF targette, dim. of targe light shield, of Gmc origin; akin to ON targa shield] (15c) 1: a small round shield

2. a: a mark to shoot at b: a target marked by shots fired at it c: something or someone fired at or marked for attack d: a goal to be achieved 3 a: an object of ridicule or criticism b: something or someone to be affected by an action or development

4. a: a railroad day signal that is attached to a switch stand and indicates whether the switch is open or closed b: a sliding sight on a surveyor's leveling rod

5. a: the metallic surface (as of platinum or tungsten) upon which the stream of electrons within an X-ray tube is focused and from which the X rays are emitted b: a body, surface, or material bombarded with nuclear particles or electrons; esp: fluorescent material on which desired visual effects are produced in electronic devices (as in radar) -- off target : not valid: inaccurate -- on target : precisely correct or valid esp. in interpreting or addressing a problem or vital issue

[2]target vt (1837) 1: to make a target of; esp: to set as a goal

2: to direct or use toward a target

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