Meaning of TIGHT in English


[tight] adj [alter. of earlier thight close set, dense, of Scand origin; akin to ON thettr tight; akin to MHG dihte thick, Skt tanakti it causes to coagulate] (1507) 1 a: so close in structure as to prevent passage or escape (as of liquid, gas, or light) "a ~ ship" "a ~ seal"--compare lightproof, watertight b: fitting very close to the body "~ jeans"; also: too snug "~ shoes" c (1): closely packed: very full "a ~ bale of hay" (2): barely allowing time for completion "a ~ schedule" "~ deadlines" d: having elements close together "a ~ formation" "a ~ line of type" e: allowing little or no room for free motion or movement "a ~ connection" "a ~ crawl space"; also: having a small radius "a ~ turn"

2. a: strongly fixed or held: secure "a ~ jar lid" "a ~ grip on the ladder" b (1): not slack or loose: taut "kept the reins ~" "a ~ knot" "a ~ drumhead"; also: marked by firmness and muscle tone "a ~ stomach" (2): marked by unusual tension (as in the face or body) "lips ~ with anger" "a family ~ with fear" 3 chiefly dial a: capable, competent b: having a graceful or shapely form: comely

4. a: difficult to cope with "in a ~ spot financially" b: relatively difficult to obtain "money is ~ just now"; also: characterized by such difficulty "a ~ job market" c: not liberal in giving: stingy "~ with a penny"

5: characterized by little difference in the relative positions of contestants with respect to final outcome: close "a ~ race for mayor"

6: somewhat drunk

7. a: characterized by firmness or strictness in control or application or in attention to details "~ zoning codes" "~ security" "ran a ~ newsroom" "keeps a ~ hand on her investments" b: marked by control or discipline in expression or style: having little or no extraneous matter "~ writing" c: characterized by a polished style and precise arrangements in music performance 8: having a close personal or working relationship: intimate "in ~ with the boss" 9: being such that the subject fills the frame "filming a ~ close-up" -- adv -- tight.ness n

[2]tight adv (1680) 1: fast, tightly, firmly "the door was shut ~"

2: in a sound manner: soundly "sleep ~"

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