Meaning of TIGHT in English


adj., n., & adv.


1. closely held, drawn, fastened, fitting, etc. (a tight hold; a tight skirt).

2 closely and firmly put together (a tight joint).

3 (of clothes etc.) too closely fitting (my shoes are rather tight).

4 impermeable, impervious, esp. (in comb.) to a specified thing (watertight).

5 tense; stretched so as to leave no slack (a tight bowstring).

6 colloq. drunk.

7 colloq. (of a person) mean, stingy.

8 a (of money or materials) not easily obtainable. b (of a money market) in which money is tight.

9 a (of precautions, a programme, etc.) stringent, demanding. b presenting difficulties (a tight situation).

10 produced by or requiring great exertion or pressure (a tight squeeze).

11 (of control etc.) strictly imposed.

--adv. tightly (hold tight!).

Phrases and idioms:

tight corner (or place or spot) a difficult situation. tight-fisted stingy. tight-fitting (of a garment) fitting (often too) close to the body. tight-lipped with or as with the lips compressed to restrain emotion or speech.


tightly adv. tightness n.

Etymology: prob. alt. of thight f. ON th{eacute}ttr watertight, of close texture

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