Meaning of UN- in English


[un-] prefix [ME, fr. OE; akin to OHG un- un-, L in-, Gk a-, an-, OE ne not--more at no] 1: not: in-, non---in adjectives formed from adjectives "unambitious" "unskilled" or participles "undressed", in nouns formed from nouns "unavailability", and rarely in verbs formed from verbs "unbe"--sometimes in words that have a meaning that merely negates that of the base word and are thereby distinguished from words that prefix in- or a variant of it (as im-) to the same base word and have a meaning positively opposite to that of the base word "unartistic" "unmoral"

2: opposite of: contrary to--in adjectives formed from adjectives "unconstitutional" "ungraceful" "unmannered" or participles "unbelieving" and in nouns formed from nouns "unrest"

[2]un- prefix [ME, fr. OE un-, on-, alter. of and- against--more at ante-] 1: do the opposite of: reverse (a specified action): de- 1a, dis- 1a--in verbs formed from verbs "unbend" "undress" "unfold"

2. a: deprive of: remove (a specified thing) from: remove--in verbs formed from nouns "unfrock" "unsex" b: release from: free from--in verbs formed from nouns "unhand" c: remove from: extract from: bring out of--in verbs formed from nouns "unbosom" d: cause to cease to be--in verbs formed from nouns "unman"

3: completely "unloose"un.abrad.ed un.ab.sorbed un.ab.sor.bent un.achieved un.act.ed un.adapt.ed un.aes.thet.ic un.afraid un.aid.ed un.air-con.di.tioned un.akin un.alike un.amend.ed un.ami.a.ble un.ap.par.ent un.ap.peased un.ap.pre.cia.tive un.ap.proved un.ath.let.ic un.avail.abil.i.ty un.avowed un.awak.ened un.award.ed un.awe.some un.ban un.bap.tized un.barbed un.billed un.bit.ten un.bit.ter un.bleached un.blem.ished un.blend.ed un.blood.ed un.bought un.bowd.ler.ized un.brake un.bridged un.briefed un.bright un.bril.liant un.bruised un.brushed un.bud.get.ed un.buf.fered un.bulky un.bu.reau.crat.ic un.bur.ied un.burned un.burnt un.busy un.but.tered un.called un.can.celed un.can.did un.cap un.cap.i.tal.ized un.cap.tioned un.cared-for un.cas.trat.ed un.catchy un.caught un.cen.sored un.cen.sured un.cer.ti.fied un.chal.lenged un.changed un.chan.neled un.chart.ered un.checked un.chewed un.chic un.chlo.ri.nat.ed un.cho.reo.graphed un.chris.tened un.chron.i.cled un.cin.e.mat.ic un.clad un.claimed un.clar.i.fied un.cleaned un.clear un.cli.ched un.clip un.coat.ed un.cod.ed un.cod.i.fied un.col.lect.ed un.col.lect.ible un.combed un.con.cealed un.con.fessed un.con.fined un.con.firmed un.con.found.ed un.con.fuse un.con.ju.gat.ed un.con.nect.ed un.con.quered un.con.strained un.con.strict.ed un.con.struc.tive un.con.sumed un.con.sum.mat.ed un.con.tam.i.nat.ed un.con.tem.plat.ed un.con.tem.po.rary un.con.ten.tious un.con.test.ed un.con.tract.ed un.con.tra.dict.ed un.con.trived un.con.trolled un.con.tro.ver.sial un.con.vert.ed un.con.vinced un.con.voyed un.cooked un.cooled un.cor.rect.ed un.cor.rob.o.rat.ed un.cor.rupt un.cou.ra.geous un.cov.e.nant.ed un.coy un.cracked un.crate un.cra.zy un.cre.a.tive un.cre.den.tialed un.crip.pled un.cropped un.crowd.ed un.cuff un.cul.ti.vat.ed un.cul.tured un.cured un.cur.tained un.cus.tom.ary un.cute un.dam.aged un.damped un.dat.ed un.dec.a.dent un.dec.o.rat.ed un.del.e.gat.ed un.des.ig.nat.ed un.di.dac.tic un.di.gest.ed un.di.gest.ible un.di.lut.ed un.di.min.ished un.dimmed un.dis.charged un.dis.closed un.dis.cour.aged un.dis.cov.ered un.dis.cussed un.dis.mayed un.dis.pu.ta.ble un.dis.put.ed un.dis.solved un.dis.tin.guished un.dis.tort.ed un.dis.tract.ed un.dis.trib.ut.ed un.dis.turbed un.di.vid.ed un.doc.ile un.doc.tored un.doc.tri.naire un.doc.u.ment.ed un.drained un.drilled un.dubbed un.dulled un.dyed un.dy.nam.ic un.ea.ger un.ear.marked un.elab.o.rate un.elect.ed un.elec.tri.fied un.em.bel.lished un.em.bit.tered un.em.phat.ic un.en.chant.ed un.en.closed un.en.dur.ably un.en.forced un.en.larged un.en.light.ened un.en.riched un.erot.ic un.ex.celled un.ex.cit.ed un.ex.cused un.ex.ot.ic un.ex.pend.ed un.ex.pired un.ex.plained un.ex.plod.ed un.ex.plored un.ex.posed un.ex.pressed un.ex.pur.gat.ed un.ex.traor.di.nary un.faked un.fa.mous un.fas.tid.i.ous un.felt un.fem.i.nine un.fenced un.fer.ment.ed un.fer.tile un.fer.til.ized un.filled un.fired un.flam.boy.ant un.flashy un.fond un.forced un.fore.seen un.for.est.ed un.forked un.for.ti.fied un.framed un.friv.o.lous un.ful.filled un.fur.nished un.fused un.gar.nished un.gen.teel un.gen.tle un.gen.tri.fied un.ger.mi.nat.ed un.gim.micky un.glam.or.ized un.glam.or.ous un.glazed un.grace.ful un.grad.ed un.ground un.grouped un.guid.ed un.hack.neyed un.ham.pered un.harmed un.har.ness un.har.vest.ed un.hatched un.healed un.heat.ed un.hedged un.heed.ed un.her.ald.ed un.hin.dered un.hip un.ho.mog.e.nized un.hon.ored un.hope.ful un.housed un.hurt un.hy.dro.lyzed un.hy.gien.ic un.iden.ti.fied un.jad.ed un.joint.ed un.jus.ti.fied un.kept un.knot un.ko.sher un.laun.dered un.leav.ened un.lined un.lit un.loved un.mapped un.marked un.marred un.matched un.meant un.mea.sured un.mech.a.nized un.mem.o.ra.ble un.mem.o.ra.bly un.mer.ry un.met un.milled un.mined un.mix un.mixed un.mod.ern.ized un.mod.i.fied un.mod.ish un.mon.i.tored un.mount.ed un.moved un.named un.need.ed un.neu.rot.ic un.ob.served un.ob.struct.ed un.opened un.op.posed un.or.dered un.orig.i.nal un.os.ten.ta.tious un.owned un.paint.ed un.par.a.sit.ized un.pas.teur.ized un.paved un.peeled un.per.ceived un.per.cep.tive un.per.formed un.per.suad.ed un.per.sua.sive un.per.turbed un.pic.tur.esque un.planned un.pleased un.plowed un.po.liced un.pol.ished un.pol.lut.ed un.posed un.pre.dict.abil.i.ty un.pre.dict.ably un.prej.u.diced un.pre.pared un.pre.pared.ness un.pressed un.pres.sured un.pres.sur.ized un.pret.ty un.priv.i.leged un.prompt.ed un.pros.per.ous un.proved un.prov.en un.pruned un.pun.ished un.ques.tioned un.raised un.ranked un.rat.ed un.rav.ished un.reached un.ready un.rec.og.niz.ably un.rec.og.nized un.rec.on.ciled un.rem.i.nis.cent un.rhymed un.rhyth.mic un.ri.fled un.roofed un.rushed un.sal.a.ried un.salt.ed un.sanc.tioned un.san.i.tary un.scarred un.scent.ed un.sched.uled un.screened un.sea.soned un.sea.wor.thy un.seed.ed un.seg.ment.ed un.self-con.scious un.self-con.scious.ness un.sent un.sep.a.rat.ed un.served un.shad.ed un.shak.ably un.shak.en un.shared un.shav.en un.shelled un.shorn un.showy un.signed un.size un.slaked un.smoothed un.soiled un.solved un.sort.ed un.sound.ed un.sown un.spe.cial.ized un.spe.cif.ic un.spec.i.fied un.spec.tac.u.lar un.spent un.split un.spoiled un.spoilt un.spo.ken un.sprayed un.stained un.stan.dard.ized un.stat.ed un.stayed un.ster.ile un.stint.ed un.stitch un.stop.per un.strained un.strat.i.fied un.stuffy un.styl.ish un.sub.dued un.sub.tle un.sub.tly un.suit.abil.ity un.suit.ably un.suit.ed un.sul.lied un.sup.port.ed un.sure un.sur.passed un.sur.prised un.sus.cep.ti.ble un.sus.pect.ed un.sus.pi.cious un.sweet.ened un.syn.chro.nized un.sys.tem.a.tized un.tact.ful un.tagged un.taint.ed un.tal.ent.ed un.tamed un.tanned un.tar.nished un.taxed un.tem.pered un.ten.ant.ed un.tend.ed un.ten.ured un.test.ed un.thrifty un.tilled un.trained un.tram.meled un.trans.formed un.trav.eled un.tra.versed un.treat.ed un.trendy un.trimmed un.tuck un.tuft.ed un.uti.lized un.var.ied un.ver.bal.ized un.versed un.want.ed un.war.rant.ed un.waxed un.weaned un.weath.ered un.weight.ed un.wel.come un.white un.willed un.won un.worked un.wor.ried un.wound.ed un.wo.ven un.young

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