Meaning of UTILITY in English


[util.i.ty] n, pl -ties [ME utilite, fr. MF utilite, fr. L utilitat, utilitas, fr. utilis useful, fr. uti to use] (14c) 1: fitness for some purpose or worth to some end

2: something useful or designed for use 3 a: public utility b (1): a service (as light, power, or water) provided by a public utility (2): equipment or a piece of equipment to provide such service or a comparable service

4: a program or routine designed to perform or facilitate esp. routine operations (as copying files or editing text) on a computer

[2]utility adj (1851) 1: capable of serving as a substitute in various roles or positions "a ~ infielder"

2. a: kept to provide a useful product or service rather than for show or as a pet "~ livestock" "a ~ dog" b: being of a usable but inferior grade "~ beef"

3: serving primarily for utility rather than beauty: utilitarian

4: designed or adapted for general use "a ~ knife"

5: of or relating to a utility "a ~ company"

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