Meaning of WARE in English


[ware] adj [ME war, ware careful, aware, fr. OE waer--more at wary] (bef. 12c) 1: aware, conscious "was ~ of black looks cast at me --Mary Webb"

2. archaic: wary, vigilant

[2]ware vt wared ; [ME, fr. OE warian; akin to OHG biwaron to protect, OE waer aware] (bef. 12c): to beware of: avoid--used chiefly as a command to hunting animals [3]ware n [ME, fr. OE waru; akin to MHG ware ware and prob. to Skt vasna price--more at venal] (bef. 12c) 1 a: manufactured articles, products of art or craft, or farm produce: goods--often used in combination "tinware" b: an article of merchandise

2: articles (as pottery or dishes) of fired clay "earthenware"

3: an intangible item (as a service or ability) that is a marketable commodity [4]ware vt wared ; [ME, fr. ON verja to clothe, invest, spend--more at wear] (14c) Scot: spend, expend

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