Meaning of ADDRESS in English

I. ə-ˈdres, a- also ˈa-ˌdres verb

Etymology: Middle English adressen, from Anglo-French adrescer, from a- (from Latin ad- ) + drescer to to direct, put right — more at dress

Date: 14th century

transitive verb

1. archaic

a. : direct , aim

b. : to direct to go : send


a. : to direct the efforts or attention of (oneself)

will address himself to the problem

b. : to deal with : treat

intrigued by the chance to address important issues — I. L. Horowitz

3. archaic : to make ready ; especially : dress


a. : to communicate directly

address es his thanks to his host

b. : to speak or write directly to ; especially : to deliver a formal speech to


a. : to mark directions for delivery on

address a letter

b. : to consign to the care of another (as an agent or factor)

6. : to greet by a prescribed form

7. : to adjust the club preparatory to hitting (a golf ball)

8. : to identify (as a computer peripheral or memory location) by an address or a name for information transfer

intransitive verb

obsolete : to direct one's speech or attentions

• ad·dress·er noun

II. ə-ˈdres, for 4 & 5 & 7 also ˈa-ˌdres noun

Date: 1539

1. : dutiful and courteous attention especially in courtship — usually used in plural


a. : readiness and capability for dealing (as with a person or problem) skillfully and smoothly : adroitness

b. obsolete : a making ready ; also : a state of preparedness


a. : manner of bearing oneself

a man of rude address

b. : manner of speaking or singing : delivery

4. : a formal communication ; especially : a prepared speech delivered to a special audience or on a special occasion


a. : a place where a person or organization may be communicated with

b. : directions for delivery on the outside of an object (as a letter or package)

c. : the designation of place of delivery placed between the heading and salutation on a business letter

d. : the designation of a computer account from which one can send or receive e-mail

6. : a preparatory position of the player and club in golf


a. : a location (as in the memory of a computer) where particular information is stored

b. : a series of usually alphanumeric characters that specifies the storage location (as on a network or in a computer's memory) of particular information

an Internet address

Synonyms: see tact

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