Meaning of BUNDLE in English


I. ˈbən-d ə l noun

Etymology: Middle English bundel, from Middle Dutch; akin to Old English byndel bundle, bindan to bind

Date: 14th century


a. : a group of things fastened together for convenient handling

b. : package , parcel

c. : a considerable number : lot

d. : a sizable sum of money

e. : a person embodying a specified quality or characteristic

a bundle of energy

f. : bunch 1


a. : a small band of mostly parallel fibers (as of nerve or muscle)

b. : vascular bundle

3. : a package offering related products or services at a single price

software bundle s

II. verb

( bun·dled ; bun·dling ˈbən(d)-liŋ, ˈbən-d ə l-iŋ)

Date: 1611

transitive verb

1. : to make into a bundle or package : wrap

2. : to hustle or hurry unceremoniously

bundled the children off to school

3. : to include (a product or service) with a related product for sale at a single price

software is bundled with computer hardware

intransitive verb

1. : hurry , hustle

2. : to practice bundling

• bun·dler -lər, -d ə l-ər noun

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