Meaning of BUNDLE in English


— bundler , n.

/bun"dl/ , n. , v. , bundled, bundling .


1. several objects or a quantity of material gathered or bound together: a bundle of hay.

2. an item, group, or quantity wrapped for carrying; package.

3. a number of things considered together: a bundle of ideas.

4. Slang. a great deal of money: He made a bundle in the market.

5. Bot. an aggregation of strands of specialized conductive and mechanical tissues.

6. Also called bundle of isoglosses . Dialect Geog. a group of close isoglosses running in approximately the same direction, esp. when taken as evidence of an important dialect division.

7. Anat. , Zool. an aggregation of fibers, as of nerves or muscles.

8. drop one's bundle , Australian and New Zealand Slang. to lose confidence or hope.


9. to tie together or wrap in a bundle: Bundle the newspapers for the trash man.

10. to send away hurriedly or unceremoniously (usually fol. by off, out, etc.): They bundled her off to the country.

11. to offer or supply (related products or services) in a single transaction at one all-inclusive price.


12. to leave hurriedly or unceremoniously (usually fol. by off, out, etc.): They indignantly bundled out of the meeting.

13. (esp. of sweethearts during courtship in early New England) to lie in the same bed while fully clothed, as for privacy and warmth in a house where an entire family shared one room with a fireplace.

14. bundle up , to dress warmly or snugly: A blizzard was raging but the children were all bundled up.

[ 1350-1400; ME bundel bundel, bondel; akin to BIND ]

Syn. 1. BUNDLE, BUNCH refer to a number of things or an amount of something fastened or bound together. BUNDLE implies a close binding or grouping together, and often refers to a wrapped package: a bundle of laundry, of dry goods. A BUNCH is a number of things, usually all of the same kind, fastened together: a bunch of roses, of keys. 2. parcel, pack, packet.

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