Meaning of CAST in English


I. ˈkast verb

( cast ; cast·ing )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old Norse kasta; akin to Old Norse kǫs heap

Date: 13th century

transitive verb


a. : to cause to move or send forth by throwing

cast a fishing lure

cast dice

b. : direct

cast a glance


(1) : to put forth

the fire cast s a warm glow

cast light on the subject

(2) : to place as if by throwing

cast doubt on their reliability

d. : to deposit (a ballot) formally


(1) : to throw off or away

the horse cast a shoe

(2) : to get rid of : discard

cast off all restraint

(3) : shed , molt

(4) : to bring forth ; especially : to give birth to prematurely

f. : to throw to the ground especially in wrestling

g. : to build by throwing up earth



(1) : to perform arithmetical operations on : add

(2) : to calculate by means of astrology

b. archaic : decide , intend


a. : to dispose or arrange into parts or into a suitable form or order


(1) : to assign the parts of (a dramatic production) to actors

cast a movie

(2) : to assign (as an actor) to a role or part

was cast in the leading role


a. : to give a shape to (a substance) by pouring in liquid or plastic form into a mold and letting harden without pressure

cast steel

b. : to form by this process

5. : turn

cast the scale slightly

6. : to make (a knot or stitch) by looping or catching up

7. : twist , warp

a beam cast by age

intransitive verb

1. : to throw something ; specifically : to throw out a lure with a fishing rod

2. dialect British : vomit

3. dialect England : to bear fruit : yield


a. : to perform addition

b. obsolete : estimate , conjecture

5. : warp

6. : to range over land in search of a trail — used of hunting dogs or trackers

7. : veer

Synonyms: see discard , throw

• cast·abil·i·ty ˌkas-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē noun

• cast·able ˈkas-tə-bəl adjective

- cast lots

II. noun

Date: 14th century


a. : an act of casting

b. : something that happens as a result of chance

c. : a throw of dice

d. : a throw of a line (as a fishing line) or net


a. : the form in which a thing is constructed


(1) : the set of actors in a dramatic production

(2) : a set of characters or persons

in both great houses there is the usual cast of servants — Elizabeth Bowen

c. : the arrangement of draperies in a painting

3. : the distance to which a thing can be thrown ; specifically : the distance a bow can shoot


a. : a turning of the eye in a particular direction ; also : expression

this freakish, elfish cast came into the child's eye — Nathaniel Hawthorne

b. : a slight strabismus

5. : something that is thrown or the quantity thrown ; especially British : the leader of a fishing line


a. : something that is formed by casting in a mold or form: as

(1) : a reproduction (as of a statue) in metal or plaster : casting

(2) : a fossil reproduction of the details of a natural object by mineral infiltration

b. : an impression taken from an object with a liquid or plastic substance : mold

c. : a rigid casing (as of fiberglass or of gauze impregnated with plaster of paris) used for immobilizing a usually diseased or broken part

7. : forecast , conjecture


a. : an overspread of a color or modification of the appearance of a substance by a trace of some added hue : shade

gray with a greenish cast

b. : tinge , suggestion


a. : a ride on one's way in a vehicle : lift

b. Scottish : help , assistance


a. : shape , appearance

the delicate cast of her features

b. : characteristic quality

his father's conservative cast of mind

11. : something that is shed, ejected, or thrown out or off: as

a. : the excrement of an earthworm

b. : a mass of soft matter formed in cavities of diseased organs and discharged from the body

c. : the skin of an insect

12. : the ranging in search of a trail by a dog, hunting pack, or tracker

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.