Meaning of EXPLICIT in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ ik-ˈspli-sət ]


Etymology: French or Medieval Latin; French explicite, from Medieval Latin explicitus, from Latin, past participle of explicare

Date: 1607


a. : fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity : leaving no question as to meaning or intent

explicit instructions

b. : open in the depiction of nudity or sexuality

explicit books and films

2. : fully developed or formulated

an explicit plan

an explicit notion of our objective

3. : unambiguous in expression

was very explicit on how we are to behave

4. of a mathematical function : defined by an expression containing only independent variables — compare implicit 1c

• ex·plic·it·ly adverb

• ex·plic·it·ness noun


explicit , definite , express , specific mean perfectly clear in meaning. explicit implies such verbal plainness and distinctness that there is no need for inference and no room for difficulty in understanding

explicit instructions

definite stresses precise, clear statement or arrangement that leaves no doubt or indecision

the law is definite in such cases

express implies both explicitness and direct and positive utterance

her express wishes

specific applies to what is precisely and fully treated in detail or particular

two specific criticisms

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