Meaning of NET in English

I. ˈnet noun

Etymology: Middle English nett, from Old English; akin to Old High German nezzi net

Date: before 12th century


a. : an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals

b. : something made of net: as

(1) : a device for catching fish, birds, or insects

(2) : a fabric barricade which divides a court in half (as in tennis or volleyball) and over which a ball or shuttlecock must be hit to be in play

(3) : the fabric that encloses the sides and back of the goal in various games (as soccer or hockey)

2. : an entrapping device or situation

caught in the net of suspicious circumstances

3. : something resembling a net in reticulation (as of lines, fibers, or figures)


a. : a group of communications stations operating under unified control

b. : network 4

5. often capitalized : Internet

• net·less -ləs adjective

• net·like -ˌlīk adjective

• net·ty ˈne-tē adjective

II. transitive verb

( net·ted ; net·ting )

Date: 1593

1. : to cover or enclose with or as if with a net

2. : to catch in or as if in a net

3. : to cover with or as if with a network


a. : to hit (a ball) into the net for the loss of a point in a racket game

b. : to hit (a ball or puck) into the goal for a score (as in hockey or soccer) ; also : to score (a point or goal) by netting a ball or puck

• net·ter noun

III. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, clean, pure, from Anglo-French — more at neat

Date: 15th century

1. : free from all charges or deductions: as

a. : remaining after the deduction of all charges, outlay, or loss

net earnings

net worth

— compare gross

b. : excluding all tare

net weight

2. : excluding all nonessential considerations : basic , final

the net result

net effect

IV. transitive verb

( net·ted ; net·ting )

Date: 1758


a. : to receive by way of profit : clear

b. : to produce by way of profit : yield

2. : to get possession of : gain

V. noun

Date: circa 1904

1. : a net amount, profit, weight, or price

2. : the score of a golfer in a handicap match after deducting his or her handicap from the gross score

3. : essence , gist

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.