Meaning of NET in English

1. n. & v.


1. an open-meshed fabric of cord, rope, fibre, etc.

2 a piece of net used esp. to restrain, contain, or delimit, or to catch fish or other animals.

3 a structure with net to enclose an area of ground, esp. in sport.

4 a a structure with net used in various games, esp. forming the goal in football, netball, etc., and dividing the court in tennis etc. b (often in pl.) a practice-ground in cricket, surrounded by nets.

5 a system or procedure for catching or entrapping a person or persons.


--v. (netted, netting)

1. tr. a cover, confine, or catch with a net. b procure as with a net.

2 tr. hit (a ball) into the net, esp. of a goal.

3 intr. make netting.

4 tr. make (a purse, hammock, etc.) by knotting etc. threads together to form a net.

5 tr. fish with nets, or set nets, in (a river).

6 tr. (usu. as netted adj.) mark with a netlike pattern; reticulate.


netful n. (pl. -fuls).

Etymology: OE net, nett 2. adj. & v. (also nett)


1. (esp. of money) remaining after all necessary deductions, or free from deductions.

2 (of a price) to be paid in full; not reducible.

3 (of a weight) excluding that of the packaging or container etc.

4 (of an effect, result, etc.) ultimate, effective. (netted, netting) gain or yield (a sum) as net profit.

Phrases and idioms:

net profit the effective profit; the actual gain after working expenses have been paid. net ton see TON(1).

Etymology: F net NEAT(1)

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