Meaning of PEPPER in English

I. ˈpe-pər noun

Etymology: Middle English peper, from Old English pipor, from Latin piper, from Greek peperi

Date: before 12th century


a. : either of two pungent products from the fruit of an Indian plant ( Piper nigrum ) that are used chiefly as condiments:

(1) : black pepper

(2) : white pepper

b. : any of several products similar to pepper that are obtained from plants of the same genus

cubeb pepper

c. : any of various pungent condiments of plants unrelated to the pepper

Szechuan pepper

2. : any of a genus ( Piper of the family Piperaceae, the pepper family) of tropical mostly jointed climbing shrubs with aromatic leaves ; especially : a woody vine ( P. nigrum ) with spicate flowers that is widely cultivated in the tropics for its red berries from which black pepper and white pepper are prepared


a. : capsicum 1a ; especially : a New World capsicum ( Capsicum annuum ) whose fruits are hot peppers or sweet peppers

b. : the hollow fruit of a pepper that is usually red or yellow when ripe

• pepper adjective

II. transitive verb

( pep·pered ; pep·per·ing ˈpe-p(ə-)riŋ)

Date: circa 1500

1. : to hit with or as if with rapid repeated blows


a. : to sprinkle or season with pepper

b. : to shower with or as if with shot or other missiles

3. : to sprinkle or cover as if with pepper

pepper ed the report with statistics

a face pepper ed with freckles

• pep·per·er -pər-ər noun

III. noun

Etymology: probably from pep (II) + -er (II)

Date: 1943

: a baseball practice or warm-up game in which usually several fielders toss the ball a short distance to a single batter who hits it back

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