Meaning of RADIO in English

I. ˈrā-dē-ˌō adjective

Etymology: radio (II) or radio-

Date: 1887

1. : of, relating to, or operated by radiant energy

2. : of or relating to electric currents or phenomena (as electromagnetic radiation) of frequencies between about 3000 hertz and 300 gigahertz


a. : of, relating to, or used in radio or a radio set

b. : specializing in radio or associated with the radio industry


(1) : transmitted by radio

(2) : making or participating in radio broadcasts

d. : controlled or directed by radio

II. noun

( plural ra·di·os )

Etymology: short for radiotelegraphy

Date: 1903


a. : the wireless transmission and reception of electric impulses or signals by means of electromagnetic waves

b. : the use of these waves for the wireless transmission of electric impulses into which sound is converted

2. : a radio message

3. : a radio receiving set


a. : a radio transmitting station

b. : a radio broadcasting organization

c. : the radio broadcasting industry

d. : communication by radio

III. verb

Date: 1913

transitive verb

1. : to send or communicate by radio

2. : to send a radio message to

intransitive verb

: to send or communicate something by radio

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.