Meaning of RADIO in English


/ ˈreɪdiəʊ; NAmE -oʊ/ noun , verb

■ noun


(often the radio ) [ U , sing. ] the activity of broadcasting programmes for people to listen to; the programmes that are broadcast :

The interview was broadcast on radio and television.

The play was written specially for radio.

I listen to the radio on the way to work.

Did you hear the interview with him on the radio ?

local / national radio

a radio programme / station


[ C ] a piece of equipment used for listening to programmes that are broadcast to the public :

to turn the radio on / off

a car radio

a radio cassette player

—see also clock radio


[ U ] the process of sending and receiving messages through the air using electromagnetic waves :

He was unable to contact Blake by radio .

to keep in radio contact

radio signals / waves


[ C ] a piece of equipment, for example on ships or planes, for sending and receiving radio signals :

to hear a gale warning on / over the ship's radio

■ verb

( ra·dio·ing , ra·dioed , ra·dioed ) to send a message to sb by radio :

[ v ]

The police officer radioed for help.

[ vn ]

The warning was radioed to headquarters.

[also v that , vn that , vn to inf ]

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early 20th cent.: abbreviation of radio-telephony .

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