Meaning of RECORDER in English

Synonyms and related words :

CA, CPA, English horn, Flexowriter typewriter, JA, Pandean pipe, Teleplotter, accountant, accountant general, actuary, alphabetical printer, amicus curiae, assessor, auditor, aulos, bank accountant, bank examiner, barmaster, basset horn, basset oboe, bassoon, bombard, bookkeeper, calculator, certified public accountant, chancellor, chartered accountant, circuit judge, clarinet, clerk, comptroller, contrabassoon, contrafagotto, controller, cost accountant, cost keeper, cromorne, digital graph plotter, double bassoon, double reed, fife, fipple flute, flageolet, flute, hard copy, hautboy, heckelphone, hornpipe, journalizer, judge advocate, judge ordinary, jurat, justice in eyre, justice of assize, lay judge, legal assessor, licorice stick, magnetic recorder, magnetic tape, master, microcards, microfiche, microfilm, military judge, musette, oaten reed, oboe, oboe da caccia, ocarina, ombudsman, ordinary, oscillograph recorder, oscilloscope, panpipe, penny-whistle, piccolo, pipe, police judge, pommer, presiding judge, printout, probate judge, puisne judge, punch cards, punched tape, reader, readout, reckoner, reed, reed instrument, registrar, relay register, sax, saxophone, shawm, single reed, single-reed instrument, sonorophone, sweet potato, syrinx, tabor pipe, tape reader, teletypewriter, tenoroon, tin-whistle, vice-chancellor, whistle, woods, woodwind, woodwind choir, woodwind instrument

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .