Meaning of RECORDER in English

rə̇ˈkȯrdər, rēˈ-, -ȯ(ə)də noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, partly from recorden to record + -er, partly from Anglo-French recordour a magistrate, from recorder to record (from Latin recordari ) + -our -or

1. : one that records: as


(1) : one whose official duty it is to make a record of writings or transactions

(2) : a surveying party's noteman

(3) : one that inspects and records the progress of construction work

b. : a machine, instrument, or device that records (as sound, visual images) for subsequent reproduction


a. : the chief judicial magistrate of some British cities and boroughs having now only criminal jurisdiction

b. : a judge with criminal jurisdiction of first instance and sometimes also a magistrate's civil jurisdiction in a municipality


a. : a fipple flute with eight finger holes — called also English flute

b. : a pipe-organ stop similar in tone quality to the recorder : blockflöte 2

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