Meaning of RANK in English




1 level of importance


▪ high , senior , superior , top , upper

▪ middle

▪ inferior , junior , low

the lowest ~s of the army

▪ first , second

He is in the first ~ of designers.

▪ social

▪ Cabinet , ministerial ( BrE )

a politician of Cabinet ~


▪ achieve , attain , be promoted to , get to , reach , rise to

She joined the navy, where she rose to the ~ of captain.

▪ have , hold

He held officer ~ in the air force for many years.

▪ assign sb , award sb

He was assigned the ~ of Commander.

▪ be stripped of

He was stripped of his ~ by a military court.


▪ above a/the ~

He never rose above the ~ of lieutenant.

▪ below a/the ~

police officers below the ~ of sergeant

▪ in ~

He is higher in ~ than I am.

▪ ~ in

all ~s in society

▪ ~ of

She reached the ~ of captain.


▪ of high, low, etc. ~

officers of senior ~

2 group of things/people


▪ front , rear

a poet who belongs in the front ~ of Latin American literature ( figurative )

▪ massed , serried (both esp. BrE )

the serried ~s of hotel staff


▪ along a/the ~

The president moved slowly along the ~s of men.

▪ in a/the ~

He was standing in the second ~.

The soldiers marched in three ~s of ten.


▪ break ~s (= to leave a line of soldiers, police, etc.)

The police broke ~s and started hitting people with their batons.

He broke ~s with his fellow Republicans and opposed the war. ( figurative )

▪ close ~s ( figurative )

When the establishment is attacked, it closes ~s.

(= unites to protect itself)

▪ ~ upon ~ (of sth)

Rank upon ~ of caravans filled the field.

3 ranks members of a large group


▪ growing , swelling

These products appeal to the growing ~s of middle-class consumers.

▪ amateur , pro ( AmE ), professional ( all sports )

He spent two years on the college golf team before joining the professional ~s.


▪ enter , fill , join , swell

More women are now filling the ~s of the medical profession.

Each month thousands more swell the ~s of the unemployed.

▪ be admitted into , be admitted to

▪ infiltrate

A CIA operative had infiltrated their ~s.

▪ deplete , thin

Death and disease were thinning their ~s.

▪ serve in

They had served in the ~s of the army.

▪ climb , come up from , come up through , rise from , rise through

He came up through the ~s to become a general.


▪ among the ~s of , within the ~s of

There is much disaffection among the ~s of the party.

▪ beyond the ~s , outside the ~s

The group has little influence over those outside its own ~s.

▪ in the ~s

There are few women in the highest ~s of the organization.


▪ the ~ and file

Communication worked well at management level, but didn't always make it down to the ~ and file.


NOTE: Ranks in the armed forces

▪ an air force …  , an army …  , a navy … 

an air force/an army sergeant

an army/a navy captain

▪ air marshal , field marshal ( both in the UK ), a naval captain/commander/lieutenant/officer

a handsome young naval officer

▪ have/hold the rank of …  , serve as … 

She joined the navy and held the rank of captain.

He served as a lieutenant in the Marine Corps.

▪ be appointed …  , become …  , be made … 

He became a colonel at the age of 40.

She ought to have been made sergeant by now.

▪ under … 

383 men under General Miles attacked the camp.

▪ the rank of … 

She was promoted to the rank of colonel.




▪ high , highly , low

These subjects ~ed low for most students.

high-ranking officials


▪ above

She ~s above any other musician of her generation.

▪ ahead of

The dandelion ~s ahead of both broccoli and spinach in nutritional value.

▪ alongside

This city ~s alongside London as one of the great tourist attractions of the world.

▪ among

He ~s among the greatest boxers of all time.

▪ as

Their performance ~s as the best of the year.

▪ below

▪ with

This ~s with the great paintings of the 19th century.

▪ according to , by

The children were ~ed according to academic ability.


▪ be nationally ~ed ( AmE )

We beat a nationally ~ed team.

▪ be ~ed number two, three, etc. , ~ number two, three, etc. , ~ second, third, etc.

the tennis player ~ed number two in the world

The company ~s second among food manufacturers.

▪ ~ sth in order of sth

~ed in order of size

▪ ~ in the top 10, 100, etc.

She is now ~ed in the top five hockey players in Britain.

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