Meaning of RANK in English

n. 1 status, standing, position, place, level, stratum, class, caste, circumstances, echelon, grade It is virtually impossible to determine rank simply by looking at a person 2 weight, authority, power, superiority, seniority, ascendancy, priority, influence, eminence Caldwell uses the privilege of rank to cover up some of his more questionable transactions 3 nobility, title, high birth, aristocracy, dignity, prestige, (blue) blood; peerage Gentlemen of rank should behave with honour, my boy 4 line, row, column, queue, series, formation; sequence We gazed on the serried ranks of warriors, golden shields glistening in the sun 5 ranks. soldiers, workers, staff, employees Smithers rose from the ranks to become chief executive officer

v. 6 grade, rate, classify, class, categorize; dispose, organize, order, sort, assort, arrange, array, align, range, graduate He was ranked among the best in the school The applicants are ranked according to their test scores. 7 rate, count, stand, have standing or value or prestige, be important or distinguished To Janet, character ranks far above wealth Phil is so mean that Scrooge would rank high on a list of charitable men in comparison with him.

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