Meaning of ATMOSPHERE in English


/ ˈætməsfɪə(r); NAmE -fɪr/ noun


the atmosphere [ sing. ] the mixture of gases that surrounds the earth :

the upper atmosphere

pollution of the atmosphere


[ C ] a mixture of gases that surrounds another planet or a star :

Saturn's atmosphere


[ C ] the air in a room or in a confined space; the air around a place :

a smoky / stuffy atmosphere

These plants love warm, humid atmospheres.


[ C , U ] the feeling or mood that you have in a particular place or situation; a feeling between two people or in a group of people :

a party atmosphere

The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and personal service.

Use music and lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

There was an atmosphere of mutual trust between them.

The children grew up in an atmosphere of violence and insecurity.

The old house is full of atmosphere (= it's very interesting) .


see heavy adjective



mid 17th cent.: from modern Latin atmosphaera , from Greek atmos vapour + sphaira ball, globe.

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