Meaning of ATMOSPHERE in English


I. ˈatməˌsfi(ə)r, -iə noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin atmosphaera, from Greek atm- + Latin sphaera sphere — more at sphere


a. : a gaseous mass enveloping a heavenly body (as a planet or satellite)

the atmosphere of Mars

b. : the whole mass of air surrounding the earth

c. : a gaseous envelope or medium

an inert atmosphere

2. : a supposed medium around various bodies : any surrounding envelope

the atmosphere of electrons

3. : the air of a given place or locality especially as affected by a particular characteristic (as heat, moisture, wholesomeness, or unwholesomeness)

the close atmosphere of the schoolroom

the fetid swamp atmosphere

a refreshing mountain atmosphere


a. : a conditioning surrounding influence : mental or moral environment : physical milieu viewed as having a mental or moral influence

an atmosphere of war, of blood, of excitement — Stuart Cloete

the Sunday-school atmosphere of conventional religiosity — Havelock Ellis

b. : the typical environment of a given locality or period, class of people, or way of life : characteristic background or setting

the atmosphere of a New England college town — C.G.Poore

5. : a unit of pressure equal to 101,325 newtons per square meter and very nearly equal to the pressure exerted by a vertical column of mercury 760 millimeters high at a temperature of 0° C under standard gravity


a. : the pervasive strongly dominant mood of a creative work (as a painting, symphony, or poem) evoked by and dependent on the successful suggestion, delineation, and heightening of elements vital to the desired effect

the brooding atmosphere of Macbeth

b. : overall aesthetic effect of a creative work (as of art) that succeeds in producing a sense of intimate contact with and sharing in its physical or psychic environment

a novel rich in atmosphere

c. : color, interest, and appeal : fascination : individual or exotic tone or effect

a tiny inn that was full of atmosphere

d. : intriguing effect especially when arising from exotic, bizarre, or other beguilingly unusual qualities

the languorous, bewitching atmosphere of a pagan island

7. : a brownish pink that is slightly redder and duller than nude — called also mauve blush

8. : an effect of slight haziness or mistiness (as that caused by particles of dust or moisture suspended in the air and leading to the diffusion of light rays) ; specifically : such an effect in a painting

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

: to provide with atmosphere or an atmosphere

the play needs to be atmosphered

intransitive verb

: to be accessible to the atmosphere : vent

a water tank with a single pipe for atmosphering

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