Meaning of BATCH in English

/ bætʃ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a number of people or things that are dealt with as a group :

Each summer a new batch of students tries to find work.

We deliver the goods in batches .


an amount of food, medicine, etc. produced at one time :

a batch of cookies


( computing ) a set of jobs that are processed together on a computer :

to process a batch job

a batch file / program

■ verb

to put things into groups in order to deal with them :

[ vn ]

The service will be improved by batching and sorting enquiries.

[also v ]



late 15th cent. (in the senses process of baking , quantity produced at one baking ): based on an Old English word related to bacan , of Germanic origin. Current senses date from the early 18th cent.

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