Meaning of BATH in English


/ bɑːθ; NAmE bæθ/ noun , verb

■ noun ( pl. baths / bɑːðz; NAmE bæðz/)


[ C ] ( BrE ) (also bath·tub , informal tub NAmE , BrE ) a large, long container that you put water in and then get into to wash your whole body

—see also bird bath


[ C ] ( BrE ) the water in a bath/ bathtub , ready to use :

a long soak in a hot bath

Please run a bath for me (= fill the bath with water) .


[ C ] an act of washing your whole body by sitting or lying in water :

I think I'll have a bath and go to bed.

( especially NAmE )

to take a bath

—see also bubble bath


baths [ pl. ] ( old-fashioned , BrE ) a public building where you can go to swim

—see also swimming bath , swimming pool


[ C , usually pl. ] a public place where people went in the past to wash or have a bath :

Roman villas and baths

—see also Turkish bath


[ C ] ( technical ) a container with a liquid such as water or a dye in it, in which sth is washed or placed for a period of time. Baths are used in industrial, chemical and medical processes.

—see also bloodbath


- take a bath

■ verb ( BrE ) ( NAmE bathe )


[ vn ] to give a bath to sb :

It's your turn to bath the baby.


[ v ] ( old-fashioned ) to have a bath



bath / bathe / swim / sunbathe

When you wash yourself you can say that you bath ( BrE) or bathe ( NAmE ) , but it is much more common to say have a bath ( BrE ) or take a bath ( NAmE ).

You can also bath ( BrE ) or bathe ( NAmE ) another person, for example a baby.

You bathe a part of your body, especially to clean a wound.

When you go swimming it is old-fashioned to say that you bathe , and you cannot say that you bath or take a bath . It is more common to swim , go for a swim , have a swim or go swimming :

Let's go for a quick swim in the pool.

She goes swimming every morning before breakfast.

What you wear for this activity is usually called a swimming costume in BrE and a bathing suit in NAmE .

When you lie in the sun in order to go brown you sunbathe .



Old English bæth , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bad and German Bad .

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