Meaning of COMMON in English

/ ˈkɒmən; NAmE ˈkɑːmən/ adjective , noun

■ adjective ( com·mon·er , com·mon·est )

HELP NOTE : more common and most common are more frequent


happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places :

Jackson is a common English name.

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in this country.

Some birds which were once a common sight are now becoming rare.

a common spelling mistake

OPP uncommon


[ usually before noun ] common (to sb/sth) shared by or belonging to two or more people or by the people in a group :

They share a common interest in photography.

basic features which are common to all human languages

We are working together for a common purpose.

common ownership of the land

This decision was taken for the common good (= the advantage of everyone) .

It is, by common consent , Scotland's prettiest coast (= everyone agrees that it is) .


[ only before noun ] ordinary; not unusual or special :

the common garden frog

Shakespeare's work was popular among the common people in his day.

In most people's eyes she was nothing more than a common criminal .

You'd think he'd have the common courtesy to apologize (= this would be the polite behaviour that people would expect) .

It's only common decency to let her know what's happening (= people would expect it) .


( BrE , disapproving ) typical of sb from a low social class and not having good manners :

She thought he was very common and uneducated.


- common or garden

- the common touch

- make common cause with sb

—more at knowledge

■ noun


[ C ] an area of open land in a town or village that anyone may use :

We went for a walk on the common.

Wimbledon Common


commons [ sing. ] ( US ) a large room where students can eat in a school, college, etc. :

The commons is next to the gym.


- have sth in common (with sb)

- have sth in common (with sth)

- in common

- in common with sb/sth



Middle English : from Old French comun (adjective), from Latin communis .

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