Meaning of CORRECT in English


/ kəˈrekt; NAmE / adjective , verb

■ adjective


accurate or true, without any mistakes

SYN right :

Do you have the correct time?

the correct answer

Please check that these details are correct.

'Are you in charge here?' 'That's correct.'

Am I correct in saying that you know a lot about wine?

OPP incorrect ➡ note at true


right and suitable, so that sth is done as it should be done :

Do you know the correct way to shut the machine down?

I think you've made the correct decision.

➡ note at right


taking care to speak or behave in a way that follows the accepted standards or rules :

a correct young lady

He is always very correct in his speech.

OPP incorrect

—see also politically correct

►  cor·rect·ly adverb :

Have you spelled it correctly?

They reasoned, correctly, that she was away for the weekend.

He was looking correctly grave.

►  cor·rect·ness noun [ U ]:

The correctness of this decision may be doubted.

—see also political correctness


see present adjective

■ verb


[ vn ] to make sth right or accurate, for example by changing it or removing mistakes :

Read through your work and correct any mistakes that you find.

Their eyesight can be corrected in just a few minutes by the use of a laser.

They issued a statement correcting the one they had made earlier.


[ vn ] ( of a teacher ) to mark the mistakes in a piece of work (and sometimes give a mark / grade to the work) :

I spent all evening correcting essays.


to tell sb that they have made a mistake :

[ vn ]

Correct me if I'm wrong , but isn't this last year's brochure?

Yes, you're right— I stand corrected (= I accept that I made a mistake) .

[ vn speech ]

'It's Yates, not Wates,' she corrected him.

[also v speech ]



Middle English (as a verb): from Latin correct- made straight, amended, from the verb corrigere , from cor- together + regere guide. The adjective is via French .

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