Meaning of CORRECT in English


I. adjective


a correct assumption

Many people acted on the correct assumption that interest rates would rise.

a correct/accurate diagnosis

It is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis without an examination.


Jane's prediction proved to be accurate.

clear up/correct a misunderstanding (= get rid of a misunderstanding )

I want to talk to you, to try and clear up any misunderstandings.

correct a defect

She had surgery to correct a defect in her right eye.

correct a mistake

Luckily I was able to correct the mistake before my boss saw it.

correct an error ( also rectify an error formal )

We will rectify the error as soon as possible.

correct pronunciation

Do you know the correct pronunciation of these Gaelic names?

correct sequence

Be careful to perform the actions in the correct sequence .


Are you sure this information is correct?

politically correct

politically correct textbooks

sb's calculations are right/correct/accurate

Fortunately his calculations were accurate.

the correct/incorrect answer

You get 5 points for each correct answer.

the correct/proper procedure

What's the correct procedure for applying for a grant?

the right/correct conclusion

I am sure that you came to the right conclusion.

the right/correct order

Of course, the notes must be played in the right order.

the right/proper/correct balance

With sport, you have to find the right balance between competition and fun.




There are times when making language function effectively is more important than producing perfectly pronounced, grammatically correct sentences.

Knowledge of how word meanings combine at the sentence level can rule out grammatically correct , but semantically implausible sentences.

It is worth remembering that simple sentences are more likely to be grammatically correct than long, involved ones. 4.


Revulsion at what has been happening there is not a prerogative of the politically correct .

The proposition that men and women have evolved different minds is anathema to every social scientist and politically correct individual.

Lewis was perfectly correct , even politically correct, to insist that Bowe had reneged on a pledge to fight him first.

Sometimes they take the politically correct approach.

I drink politically correct , organic coffee cultivated by small farmers who get their fair-trading share of the profits.

So it's only politically correct and fair to write about an actor who's appearing on that other famous game show.

Certain men have been trying to get in on the politically correct act for a while.

Franciscans oversaw construction of San Xavier del Bac during a time when mandatory religious conversion was considered politically correct .


Mr Smith is quite correct to suggest that the experience for the pilot would be uncomfortable to say the least.

De Gaulle was quite correct in principle, but about three years ahead of his time.

As for funding, you're quite correct , Director.

He was, of course, quite correct .

This may seem like isolationism, but that is not quite correct .

You are quite correct that light can travel through vacuum, and fortunately so.

One of the basic assumptions of the radiocarbon method has turned out to be not quite correct .

I think the metaphor is close but not quite correct .



This supplements the consideration of deductive and logical abilities measured by the traditional convergent questions for which there are unique correct answers .

Owner Jim presented flash cards, writes Steiner, and Sunny came up with correct answers .

A total of 71 percent of the full attainment range sample obtained the correct answer .

The correct answer is about 2. 5 percent, or one in forty.

There is a prize of £5 on offer for the person who gets the most correct answers .

Bohunt school gave the correct answer and won the contest with the score: Bohunt 28, Mill Chase 24.

The correct answer was the Gloster Meteor.

The winners will be notified by post and the correct answers published in the April 1992 issue of Which Mortgage.


It is a poor environment for learning correct approaches to disability.

Sometimes they take the politically correct approach .

It is submitted that this is the strict and correct approach to severance.

This is the correct approach with a subject where the workload has always been enormous.

The correct approach is to listen carefully, attentively and respectfully.

The initial Government proposal for a single accreditation system for advocates was the correct approach .

The correct approach is dietary modification or, if that is satisfactory, oral agents so that there is no postprandial glycosuria.

It is the correct approach , but it is not enough.


First correct entries out of the bag win.

The first correct entry drawn by a representative from Statham Lodge Hotel will win the prize.

The first correct entry drawn wins the holiday - and the next 100 the videos.

Senders of the first 50 correct entries drawn will win.

The winner will be drawn from all correct entries on 14 December 1992.

Winners are the first correct entries drawn.

The first correct entry to be drawn at random will be notified by phone and the Guitarist carrier pigeon will do the rest.

The winner will be the first correct entry drawn.


An approach 1 Collect the words by writing down the misspelled form , not the correct form.

We also need to ensure that all children are educated beyond an assumption that mathematics has one correct form .

However, since most exclusive restaurants seem to use them, what is the correct form ?

Nature was forced into the correct forms .

Voting is compulsory, except for registered anarchists, who are allowed to abstain, provided they fill in the correct forms .

Provided that the charge is laid in the correct form , that is sufficient.


Innovation should be the correct interpretation of the archetype, the prototype.

The correct interpretation is to regard local government services as simply those services provided by local government in Particular circumstances.

The Permanent Court was asked for an opinion on the correct interpretation of the Athens Agreement.

First, it was unsuccessful on the correct interpretation of the relevant statute, the Police Act 1964.

That this is the correct interpretation of the role of words in trusts emerges more clearly in the next section.

These figures compared with 8 and 11% for the corresponding conditions in which the linguistically correct interpretation was the only possible one.

However, when seen within a meaningful context, the correct interpretation seems almost obvious.

Which of these various possibilities provides the correct interpretation for surface dyslexia?


Our instructors taught us the correct names for the parts of the Topper.

See if you can match up the correct name of the hockey team with its clue: 1.

They can also tell us the correct name of a city.

Get the correct name and stick with it.

As to the Tombs report, that was the correct name for it because the information was buried very deep.

Your debtor's correct name and legal status 2.

The correct name is Mitsubishi Finance International.


We can, however, establish the correct order of magnitude from a number of sources.

Marine scientists were pretty sure a coral reef, like any complex ecosystem, must be assembled in the correct order .

This ensures that issue numbers appear in their correct order when listed numerically.

You would have to manually sort the input cards, then rearrange the names in the correct order .

Next, smooth off any sharp edges with sandpaper, replace the saddle sections in the correct order and restring.

This must be done in the correct order .

Is the reader lead through the text in the correct order ?

Collate to gather separate sections or leaves of a book together in the correct order for binding.


You had locked the door after treating Mrs Richards, with all the drugs in their correct places .

They make sure fire instructions are clearly displayed and that fire fighting equipment is in its correct place .

Upon the signal, the subjects were asked to recall as many consonants in their correct places as possible.

Scoring: One point was computed for each letter that was correctly recalled in the correct place .

If a letter was not in its correct place , it was not counted.

Lavender put her pencils back into the rather damp pencil-box and returned it to its correct place on her own desk.

Retrieval before additions All records will be in their correct places and the file will be physically as well as logically in sequence.

Also check that the breaks in the tracks are made in the correct places .


Using the correct position and signals really helps other drivers.

The fitter brought the separate components into the correct position by the trunk.

The picture will only appear if it's placed in the correct position .

It all seemed so obvious: there was a correct position for every-thing, at all points in the swing.

Once the glue is dry you should place the photograph in the correct position , securing it with masking tape.

Then it would be possible to set matters right and return to the correct position of Clause 9.

Don't try to move to the correct position too quickly.

Pieces were collected and laid out in what was thought to be their correct positions .


The branch officers, all men, refused to let the women speak, claiming they were not following correct procedure .

There was considerable confusion in the administration over the correct procedure .

Winch and car launches Provided that the pilot keeps to the correct procedures , winch and car launches can be very safe.

Even a travesty of justice must follow correct procedure .

She said it was Humphreys' responsibility as managing director to follow the correct procedure for getting rid of toxic waste.

Similarly, social workers were issued with handbooks and directives about the correct procedure to follow when investigating cases of suspected abuse.

Finally, there is legal authority based on enactments that can be made and changed by formally correct procedures .

But the prison governor insists the correct procedures were followed.


The behaviourist approach is repetition and the drilling to the point where the student automatically makes the correct response .

The correct response is: Who the hell knows?

Not only did children have to learn by association and reinforcement, their production had to be shaped to the correct response .

Parents teach a child to name colors by reinforcing correct responses .

Table 3.1 shows the mean number of correct responses given by each age group.

All the bows and correct responses are taken into account in assessing the overall grading marks.

Answers to multiple choice test on Part 1 Each correct response scores one point and trainees should obtain 13 points or more.

The correct response depends upon the outcome of the assessment of the balance of power conducted during preparation.


The correct sequence is shown in Fig. 1 and must be followed, i.e. D1 to pin 3.

The difficulty is that of translating the verbal problem or formula into the correct operations in the correct sequence .

If the quality of bottom-up information was good, the algorithm could quickly home in on the correct sequence of words.


Size Choosing the correct size is not as simple as merely ensuring that the rug fits into the appropriate space.

The increasing temperature, the thinning ozone-these are signals about the correct size of our society.

The end result is a nice neat buttonhole, the correct size for the button.

The correct size was ordered, but this led to a delay of three to four weeks.

The farmers argued the correct size would be six times bigger.

It has a correct size , a maturity.

He also warned the present pay structure was failing to provide the correct size and quality of workforce.

Trim the cutting of the finished product to the correct size .


Not surprisingly these devices are distributed with little or no instruction on correct use - thus increasing women's health problems.

Excellent slides, some of which were flashed through too quickly; correct use of OHPs.

Prescriptivism is, in essence, the view that it is possible to lay down rules for the correct use of language.

They also have literature on the correct use of things such as eye drops and inhalers.

To create a code of behaviour in the correct use of the library. 4.

The correct use of a colon is shown in the quotation from Ruth.

To achieve correct use of a product certain steps must be taken.

The man, whoever it was, knew nothing of the correct use of his weapon.


Walking, running and swimming are the best exercises you can do if you are using yourself in the correct way .

Clause 12 of Precedent 1 deals with the point in the correct way to avoid this problem.

In rehearsal it is a matter of establishing the correct way to play the notes.

Take care to fit the diodes and electrolytic capacitors the correct way round.

Some children really enjoy helping to fill a box or shelves in the correct way .

Make sure the three electrolytic capacitors are connected the correct way round as shown.

All of us had been hit several times already and there was a correct way of dealing with it.

The senior nurse will ensure that the learner is checking and giving drugs in the correct way .


Does it have to form a continuous path with other correct words ?

It is rarely the case that the correct word is always amongst the alternatives suggested by the lower recognition levels.

Further Work Statistical processing provides a simple, efficient method for picking the correct words based on local neighbourhood.

The results reported in this section look at the percentage of correct words with and without substitutions.

Conclusions A probabilistic syntax processor has been developed to assist in the selection of the correct words for a text recognition system.

If we impose too stringent constraints on the match, then we will fail to access the correct word .

Given Damerau's four main error types, it is possible to approach these situations in order to find potential correct words .

Apart from the successive deletion of correct words from the input, the lattices are identical.


I stand corrected

Oh, well, I stand corrected, ladies.


an architecturally correct model of the building

Andrew's marriage proposal was very correct and proper.

If predictions are correct , the sea level may increase more than four inches.

One must be correct about these things, mustn't one?

Score one point for each correct answer.

The correct results are on page 482.

The correct sequence of numbers must be entered to open the lock.

The first ten correct answers will win a prize.

This information is no longer correct .

We are convinced our decision was correct .

What is the correct way to address a wedding invitation?

When arranged in the correct order, the letters will spell a word which you fill in on this grid.

When the heat is at the correct temperature, food cooks more evenly.


After all, the key to the proper use of statistical analysis is the correct identification of levels of measurement.

Now this practice is prone to appearing always and automatically correct .

Owner Jim presented flash cards, writes Steiner, and Sunny came up with correct answers.

That again proved to be correct .

The chart then guides you through the procedure for finding the correct address.

This is undoubtedly correct but in our judgment it does not assist us in what we have to decide.

This was all important to enable me to get the correct shape of the legs and the lengths of the rails.

Use the correct controller for the tube length.

II. verb




These disturbances are usually quickly corrected as society evolves.

A simple pretest will quickly assess for the researcher errors that can be quickly corrected .

In the 1980s, bull markets tended to be caused by short-term weather markets, and were quickly corrected .



Jeanette Orton from Oxfordshire has already undergone surgery to correct a defect in her right eye.

A three-dollar conversion would have corrected the design defect , but the corporation chose to ignore the problem.

The finding could ultimately lead to a way to correct the genetic defect , scientists say.


Oral supplementation with L-carnitine can correct the deficiency .


The machinist on the shop floor could detect but not correct the error .

Perhaps he will now write again to his supporters and correct his error .

Our clear policy, however, is to correct errors and offer opportunity for reader response.

There is also immediate oral practice for students which helps them to correct errors on the spot.

That is, rather than correcting their errors , I model the strategies readers use when they encounter these problems.

If not detected and corrected this error would have priced the said products out of the market.

WordPerfect allows you to correct this type of error quickly and easily.


If one trespasses beyond the limits, he quietly corrects the fault in a plea, never a paroxysm.

Jennie told Katharine to be aware of this and to correct any fault as necessary.

The treatment can correct the fault .


Spiritual healing aims to correct these deep-seated imbalances by strengthening the flow of the life-force and removing any negative forces or imbalances.

This process corrects any respiratory imbalance that might be present in the specimen.

To correct imbalances arising internally within the organism requires the use of a therapy which can counteract such imbalances.

Often, medication is necessary to correct the imbalance and prevent complications.

In order to effect a lasting cure, it is necessary to correct the fundamental imbalance or disharmony.

Choices for correcting the imbalance between public good and private cost consist, basically, of: 1.

It would seem that in this case the remedy had corrected a biochemical imbalance .

The remedies seem to have the power to help harmonize the body's metabolic processes and to correct imbalances in them.


Or maybe just disappointed, she thought, correcting the impression .

I had always assumed teachers' salaries were generous, but Kierra corrects my impression .

By the way, I really must correct a false impression that I inadvertently gave just now.


I assumed, in effect, that they are not capable of noticing their mistakes and correcting them.

Over and over again he would read out my favourite stories, sometimes with deliberate mistakes for me to correct .

Once the mistake is corrected the money can be collected at a later date.


When surgery is planned there is time to correct existing problems and reduce the risk of potential problems.

Intel judged the flaw to be minor, hid the truth from customers and quietly went about correcting the problem .

He knew that this particular pony would test that weakness and so would help Evelyn to learn to correct her problem .

Educational plan for in-service education for staff is designed to help correct any identified problems or deficiencies.

When Alexander came to correct his problem , however, he began to experience great difficulties.

It was equally obvious that little was being done to correct the problem .

Treatment: Again, glasses or contact lenses can correct the problem .

After all, you can correct the problems and improve your skills with a little practice.


But this volume corrects that situation .

Whenever possible, try to correct unfair situations , not just walk away from them.

A domestic did miss her on one occasion when her husband and son were present and corrected the situation .

The Clinton administration promised in its first term to correct the situation .

He is actively working to help you correct the situation .



There is also immediate oral practice for students which helps them to correct errors on the spot.

Educational plan for in-service education for staff is designed to help correct any identified problems or deficiencies.

One that you can help to correct by rejecting meat from your diet.

His religious work has been less emphasized, but Christiansen hopes this show will help to correct that.

Two shows on at the moment can help to correct this.

He is actively working to help you correct the situation.

Additional bits may mark the beginning and end of a message, or help to detect and correct transmission errors.


Her thoughts were sad and for once she didn't try to correct their melancholic turn.

Whenever possible, try to correct unfair situations, not just walk away from them.

We therefore continually try to correct one philosophical perspective about it against another.

Dulles tried to correct this before the next crisis came by signing up the allies in advance.

Some horse owners try to correct this major imbalance themselves by adding bone meal to youngsters' diets.

In her zeal to improve her writing, she tried correcting all three problems each time she wrote.

As with any problem, try to correct it by schooling, but accept that an aid may be necessary.

She at once tried to correct this movement and thus saw the pen approach its objective.


all present and correct

Her face, its small universe, was all present and correct.

Missiles are there, all present and correct as listed by the Pentagon.

The 15 all present and correct had between them an astonishing 533 years' service.

correct me if I'm wrong


Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't we met before?

Is there any way of politely correcting someone's grammar?

It will take us some time to correct all the mistakes.

She spent all night correcting her students' math tests.

Speech therapy helped correct her lisp.

Teachers spend many hours correcting students' assignments.

The figure was given as $500; it was later corrected to $1000.

The problem was caused by faulty software and was corrected Sunday.


He was in the habit of correcting minor errors of grammar or usage.

If one trespasses beyond the limits, he quietly corrects the fault in a plea, never a paroxysm.

Many of these difficulties can be anticipated and corrected by testing the questionnaire in field conditions prior to the full-scale study.

They were just correcting a historical anomaly: the South's post-Civil War aversion to the Republican Party.

Twenty minutes wasted, he thought, then corrected himself.

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