Meaning of CORRECTION in English




correction fluid




Make small corrections to achieve heading as necessary.

The smaller correction could take too long.

Horowitz's Barber I would like to point out a small correction for your readers.

This means a number of small corrections to achieve a performance change in terms of either Pitch or Roll attitudes.



Dictionary look-up methods give impressive error correction but require much greater storage and computation.

The protocol incorporates yet another type of error correction and aspects of handling files.

A licence agreement may specifically prohibit error correction so that all this provision does is to raise a presumption in favour of the lawful user.

This is another interesting theoretical point, but probably of little consequence as far as error correction is concerned.

This gives a total of 16 out of 36 which could be solved using standard error correction algorithms.

The dictionary method gives much greater error correction performance, with greater storage requirements and computational cost.

It doesn't have error correction or data compression and for £249, I'd expect these features to be standard.

Such errors were studied, along with traditional error correction techniques.


A correction factor was then applied, as before, to gross up for the entire Scotch Whisky industry.

Finally the relevant torque correction factor is found from Table 5.2.



And feminist psychologists are still predominantly concerned with making egalitarian corrections to traditional psychological theories, rather than working with their uncertainties.

The meeting was called to answer criticisms and make mid-course corrections .

Check heading when compass has stabilised. 8. Make small corrections to achieve heading as necessary.

Ask them to compare their papers in pairs and to make any corrections they think are needed.

The only other study that made corrections for pyloric loss and duodenogastric reflux came to conclusions that are the same as ours.

Edit: Make any corrections to the text.

Though to be really professional she should make corrections in red as she did in the children's books.

I can't solve this by confessing that I didn't call Chuck Huckelberry in time to make a correction .


A person may develop bad habits that need correction .

A decreasing number of self-corrections, showing that unconsciously made miscues are often semantically acceptable and do not need correction .

Capitalism needed the house of correction , and somehow it magically came into being as a result.


If the original statement requires correction it is presumably necessary to seek leave to amend although the rules are silent on this.

Occasionally this requires specific correction - for example, with an n-methyl d-aspartate receptor blocker such as ketamine.


Any means of correction may be used but all corrections should be neat and unobtrusive.

So - in controlled airspace, on airways, for example, use the 30 degree correction for 5° off track.

This gives a total of 16 out of 36 which could be solved using standard error correction algorithms.

A posting error can be corrected by using a correction or void key. 7.

Additional information can often be used to increase correction accuracy and speed, for example by studying the sources of errors.


Corrections should be pencilled into the margins.

It just needs a few corrections before we can send it to the printer.

My essay was covered in corrections in red ink.

My Spanish teacher will point out errors, but we have to make the corrections ourselves.

That will basically cover fifty... correction eighty percent of all charges.


After a correction , check roll attitude and balance.

After all, a 30 percent correction in October 1987 had almost no impact on real economic growth.

Both geometric correction and image registration involve lengthy and time-consuming operations, taking several hours on a minicomputer.

Capitalism needed the house of correction , and somehow it magically came into being as a result.

Massachusetts closed its traditional, prison-like juvenile corrections institutions and moved its juvenile offenders into small, community-based group homes.

Some Wall Street analysts think that the high-flying networking stocks are due for a correction , but they are not unanimous.

The consensus expected some sort of correction in the stock market, with prices moving higher later in the year.

Unfortunately, this trim correction may not be correct when the model leaves the ground.

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