Meaning of DELAY in English

/ dɪˈleɪ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a period of time when sb/sth has to wait because of a problem that makes sth slow or late :

Commuters will face long delays on the roads today.

We apologize for the delay in answering your letter.

a delay of two hours / a two-hour delay


[ C , U ] a situation in which sth does not happen when it should; the act of delaying :

There's no time for delay.

Report it to the police without delay (= immediately) .

■ verb


to not do sth until a later time or to make sth happen at a later time

SYN defer :

[ vn ]

The judge will delay his verdict until he receives medical reports on the offender.

She's suffering a delayed reaction (= a reaction that did not happen immediately) to the shock.

[ v -ing ]

He delayed telling her the news, waiting for the right moment.

[ v ]

Don't delay—call us today!


[ vn ] to make sb late or force them to do sth more slowly

SYN hold up :

Thousands of commuters were delayed for over an hour.

The government is accused of using delaying tactics (= deliberately doing sth to delay a process, decision, etc.) .



Middle English : from Old French delayer (verb).

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