Meaning of DOSE in English


/ dəʊs; NAmE doʊs/ noun , verb

■ noun


an amount of a medicine or a drug that is taken once, or regularly over a period of time :

a high / low / lethal dose

Repeat the dose after 12 hours if necessary.


( informal ) an amount of sth :

A dose of flu kept me off work.

Workers at the nuclear plant were exposed to high doses of radiation.

I can cope with her in small doses (= for short amounts of time) .


- like a dose of salts

—more at medicine

■ verb

[ vn ] dose sb / yourself (up) (with sth) to give sb/yourself a medicine or drug :

She dosed herself up with vitamin pills.

He was heavily dosed with painkillers.



late Middle English : from French , via late Latin from Greek dosis gift, from didonai give.

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