Meaning of ESCAPE in English


/ ɪˈskeɪp; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb


[ v ] escape (from sb/sth) to get away from a place where you have been kept as a prisoner or not allowed to leave :

Two prisoners have escaped.

He escaped from prison this morning.


escape (from sth) to get away from an unpleasant or dangerous situation :

[ v ]

She managed to escape from the burning car.

( figurative )

As a child he would often escape into a dreamworld of his own.

[ vn ]

They were glad to have escaped the clutches of winter for another year.


[ no passive ] to avoid sth unpleasant or dangerous :

[ vn ]

She was lucky to escape punishment.

The pilot escaped death by seconds.

There was no escaping the fact that he was overweight.

[ v -ing ]

He narrowly escaped being killed.


escape (with sth) to suffer no harm or less harm than you would expect :

[ v ]

I was lucky to escape with minor injuries.

[ v - adj ]

Both drivers escaped unhurt .


[ vn ] [ no passive ] to be forgotten or not noticed :

Her name escapes me (= I can't remember it) .

It might have escaped your notice , but I'm very busy at the moment.


[ v ] ( of gases, liquids, etc. ) to get out of a container, especially through a hole or crack :

Put a lid on to prevent heat escaping.

toxic waste escaping into the sea


( of a sound ) to come out from your mouth without you intending it to :

[ vn ]

A groan escaped her lips.

[also v ]

■ noun


[ C , U ] escape (from sth) the act or a method of escaping from a place or an unpleasant or dangerous situation :

an escape from a prisoner of war camp

I had a narrow escape (= I was lucky to have escaped) .

There was no hope of escape from her disastrous marriage.

He took an elaborate escape route from South Africa to Britain.

As soon as he turned his back, she would make her escape .

—see also fire escape


[ sing. , U ] a way of forgetting sth unpleasant or difficult for a short time :

For her travel was an escape from the boredom of her everyday life.


[ C ] the fact of a liquid, gas, etc. coming out of a pipe or container by accident; the amount that comes out :

an escape of gas


[ U ] (also eˈscape key [ C ]) ( computing ) a button on a computer keyboard that you press to stop a particular operation or leave a program :

Press escape to get back to the menu.


- make good your escape

—more at barn



Middle English : from Old French eschaper , based on medieval Latin ex- out + cappa cloak. Compare with escapade .

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