Meaning of FABRIC in English


/ ˈfæbrɪk; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] material made by weaving wool, cotton, silk, etc., used for making clothes, curtains, etc. and for covering furniture :

cotton fabric

furnishing fabrics

—picture at embroidery ➡ note at material


[ sing. ] the ~ (of sth) ( formal ) the basic structure of a society, an organization, etc. that enables it to function successfully :

a trend which threatens the very fabric of society

➡ note at structure


[ sing. ] the ~ (of sth) the basic structure of a building, such as the walls, floor and roof



late 15th cent.: from French fabrique , from Latin fabrica something skilfully produced, from faber worker in metal, stone, etc. The word originally denoted a building, later a machine, the general sense being something made , hence sense 1 (mid 18th cent., originally denoting any manufactured material). Sense 2 dates from the mid 17th cent.

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