Meaning of IMMERSION in English

/ ɪˈmɜːʃn; NAmE ɪˈmɜːrʃn; -ʒn/ noun [ U ]


immersion (in sth) the act of putting sb/sth into a liquid so that they or it are completely covered; the state of being completely covered by a liquid :

Immersion in cold water resulted in rapid loss of heat.

baptism by total immersion (= putting the whole body underwater)


immersion (in sth) the state of being completely involved in sth :

his long immersion in politics

a two-week immersion course in French (= in which the student will hear and use only French)



late 15th cent.: from late Latin immersio(n-) , from immergere dip into, from in- in + mergere to dip.

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