Meaning of IMMERSION in English

-mər]zhən, -mə̄], -məi], ]sh- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Late Latin immersion-, immersio, from Latin immersus + -ion-, -io -ion

: an act of immersing or a state of being immersed: as


(1) : a sinking or plunging usually into or within a fluid : dipping

the sense of chill that follows immersion of the hand in a volatile liquid

(2) : submersion in water for the purpose of Christian baptism : baptism by complete submersion of the person in water — compare affusion , aspersion

b. : disappearance of a celestial body either by passing behind another (as in the occultation of a star by the moon) or by passing into its shadow (as in the eclipse of a satellite) — compare emersion

c. : simple immersion

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