Meaning of OIL in English

/ ɔɪl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] a thick liquid that is found in rock underground

SYN petroleum :

drilling for oil


[ U ] a form of petroleum that is used as fuel and to make parts of machines move smoothly :

engine oil

an oil lamp / heater

Put some oil in the car.


[ U , C ] a smooth thick liquid that is made from plants or animals and is used in cooking :

olive oil

vegetable oils


[ U , C ] a smooth thick liquid that is made from plants, minerals, etc. and is used on the skin or hair :

lavender bath oil

suntan oil

—see also essential oil


[ U ] (also oils [ pl. ]) coloured paint containing oil used by artists :

a painting done in oils

landscapes in oil

—see also oil paint


[ C ] = oil painting :

Among the more important Turner oils was 'Venus and Adonis'.

—see also oily , castor oil , cod liver oil , linseed oil


see burn verb , pour

■ verb

[ vn ] to put oil onto or into sth, for example a machine, in order to protect it or make it work smoothly :

He oiled his bike and pumped up the tyres.


- oil the wheels



Middle English : from Old Northern French olie , Old French oile , from Latin oleum (olive) oil; compare with olea olive.

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